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The young couple often puzzle over the venue for the wedding reception, the band to be chosen, a photographer to be hired, decorations, they ponder what vehicle to rent, how to surprise the guests and, despite all that, how to find some peace for the two of them. We shall ensure that the preparations for this most important day will proceed smoothly.

We are open to your suggestions and shall do our best so that you may stay calm and remember this day as the most beautiful day of your life. We make up a team of ambitious, creative and experienced persons, bursting with energy and ideas for new ventures. We are people with passion. Our aim is to ensure satisfaction to our clients, to guarantee that having entrusted us with the organisation of their reception they will be fully satisfied.

If you fancy organising a “thematic” reception, say in a western style/ambience for instance, with appropriately-styled invitations, cowboy hats and a herd of horses, we are willing to offer our help. Brides and grooms-to-be more and more often inquire whether it is possible to hold a wedding reception outside the premises. Well, these have already been held in Jaś Wędrowniczek Hotel** and Restaurant, the main cloud being the one that brings rain, that is the weather. Nevertheless, we take efforts to cope with this problem suggesting as a solution a covered barbecue area with an aisle leading directly to the hall. Within this area, it is possible to project a film or pictures of the young couple, to set a Galician table or a bar with a bartender to serve the guests. The birch grove as a scenery of the reception is certainly much appealing and it can be a huge surprise for the guests. We appreciate any new ideas, we have plenty of them ourselves and we are willing to hear them from you. We are flexible and we offer advice and assistance. We are ready to listen to your views and we shall draw conclusions from them.

We are able to organise for you an unforgettable and unique reception. What is more, we do realise that sometimes these are not dishes or other attractions that are the key to success, as what is of utmost importance in this day is you, your guests and the atmosphere that governs throughout the whole event.