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Rymanów is a small town situated among the picturesque hills of the Lower Beskid Mountains. It is surrounded by ecologically-clean areas with their specific micro-climate and scenic landscapes. There are plenty of charming nature retreats, walking paths and tourist trails, excellent grounds for an active recreation or relaxing leisure time spent away from the day-to-day concerns. "Jaś Wędrowniczek” Hotel is an ideal stop for those heading towards the Bieszczady Mountains and equally attractive for its close vicinity to the spa resorts.
Rymanów Zdrój is a beautiful spa resort located 4km south of the town Rymanów, in the Czarny Valley and among the Rymanowskie Hills, the highest of which are Przymiarki, Kopa, Dział – all reaching the altitudes of over 600 mamsl. For 135 years mineral healing waters and a specific local microclimate have been the most valued assets of this area. Old wooden Swiss style framework constructions of the spa have remained unchanged since the pre-war times, which lends the place a unique charm. Parkways and numerous walking paths encourage leisure time recreation.
Iwonicz Zdrój, a spa resort located in the Lower Beskid Mountains , in the Iwonicki Valley, at the altitude of 410 mamsl. Within the town area, there are abundant medicinal water sources, iodine and bromine as well as sulphide waters used for bathing and inhalation. The historic character of the spa, along with the beautiful spa architecture incorporated into picturesque landscape make this place highly interesting for tourists.