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Events We invite you to events in our restaurant.

27.05.2014 - Recital z Okazji Dnia Matki - Jerzy Kryszak
Zajęcia z JOGI - poniedziałki godz 18.30
Jarmark sztuki i antyków

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Special offers
Special offers

Johnny and the kids
Johnny and the kids Johnny and the kids "JAŚ WĘDROWNICZEK” FOR LITTLE POPPETS AND URCHINS

"Jaś Wędrowniczek” Hotel and Restaurant is a place where children feel just like at home. In view of our little guests we have created "the Colourful World of Winnie-the-Pooh" - a playground in the garden with family barbecues and picnics in offer and in winter a Santa Clause waiting for kids with lots of Christmas presents and tricks. The Hotel offers comfortable rooms and price discounts for families with children, and the restaurant offers a special menu called „Mały Jasio jada”. (Little Johnny's food).

All children are welcome.

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Hotel "Hansel Wędrowniczek" is the perfect stop for going to the Bieszczady and attractive place because of the nearby spa. Climatic conditions, many tourist attractions and places of interest, encourage rest and spend with us memorable moments.
Rymanów , a village situated among the picturesque hills of the Low Beskid. Surrounding a clean environment, having a special micro-climate and picturesque scenery.
Rymanów Spa , a beautiful resort located 4 km south of the city Rymanow, in the valley of the rolling stock and its right tributary of Black Creek, amid the hills Rymanów, of which the highest is Przymiarki (628 m) and Kopa (640 m), the Department (668m asl).

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