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“Jaś Wędrowniczek” invites you on a wine flavoured journey. There are unique taste experiences waiting for you, and you don’t necessarily need to be a connoisseur of this quality liquor. We have in offer more than 200 wine varieties from different parts of the world – France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Chile, Argentina, USA, Australia, New Zealand, R.P.A., Lebanon, Mexico and the wines from Polish vineyards  – there is certainly something to choose from. Wine drinking is getting more and more popular nowadays. We are more inclined to put on the table a bottle of dry Bordeaux or a sweet-tasting Muscat, we can assess its taste, colour and smell. With time, each newly opened bottle carries about new taste experiences, we become able to smell the leaves washed by the autumn rain, a basket full of fruits, freshly mown hay, figs or citruses. We start to recall our most cherished moments spent with a beloved person and the taste of wine which we were drinking at that time, we can recall the countries we have visited and imagine those we are dreaming to go to …

Our waiters are ready to come forward with professional advice when choosing wine appropriate to the circumstances.

Why don’t you join our wine flavoured journey…